Puns, Cowboy Hats, S’mores, and More

Wonderfully Made Family Camp has been THE highlight of the summer for me the last three years.  As a board member my role varies from training volunteers to heading men’s group to being all around “go-fer” wherever I might be needed. In these various capacities I get to participate in pretty much every aspect of the weekend.

One particular memory was of a rambunctious 4 year old in a wheelchair.  This delightful guy was pure charisma. While a group congregated at the fire pit making s’mores, he wheeled around everyone with great finesse, having a blast, as were those watching him.  Not having any clue of my love for “punny” comebacks in any situation, he steered up to me, looked me straight in the eyes as I stooped down to be at his level. Slowly, ever so methodically and with absolute authority, he stated “I didn’t come here to listen to your lousy jokes!”  This kid obviously has the gift of prophecy.

Shortly thereafter,  a teen volunteer I know well gave this same dynamic youngster his beloved cowboy hat which he had coveted all evening. This act of Christian love brought tears to my eyes as I watched the extreme pleasure it brought to the giver and to the receiver as well as to his parents who watched the entire transaction transpire.  This is one of many reasons I so greatly enjoy participating in WMFC.

~ Kim Combes, WMFC planning board member and expert punster

A Favorite Spa Memory from WMFC, 2018

I had the honor to serve as the coordinator for the Massage and Spa at the Wonderfully Made Family Camp.  Having a background of camping, teaching/serving those with special needs, and also being a licensed massage therapist, I believe God especially equipped me for this position.

While the Massage and Spa are designed primarily for the adults, parents often bring their children in for a little “rejuvenation” time as well.  It is heartwarming to see kids and parents painting their nails together or washing each other’s feet and applying lotion!  Once we had a mother/daughter schedule massages together.  This year we had a mom, dad, and youth with special needs schedule massage time together.  While we are all in one room and everyone remains clothed, there are screens set up for privacy.  As we three therapists began working out the knotted shoulders and tired feet, we were privileged to be a part of a lovely family.  Mom and dad blissfully zoned out, but daughter chatted with her therapist, telling her about their adventures at camp.  At one point she asked her mother about something in the story, but the therapist, not wanting to disturb mom’s moment of peace, replied, “She’s sleeping.”  The daughter then called out to her father to engage him in conversation.  “He’s sleeping, too,” I replied.  The daughter then went on with her story to the therapist.  I couldn’t hear just what the story was about, but the daughter’s voice told the kind of wonderful family of which she was a part.  

The love among this family could be felt deep in our hearts and afterwards we all agreed it had been a blessing for us to be with them.  We had come to serve and encourage such families, yet afterwards we therapists were the ones that had been renewed.  It is truly an honor to serve the families that come to this camp.

~Erin Hefner, WMFC planning board member and keeper of a dad’s moment of peace

Inclusive Ministry Conference, 2018

The Des Moines Area Inclusive Ministry Conference is only a month away! It will be held November 9 & 10 at Valley Church in West Des Moines.

Early bird registration ($30) is available through October 14. Then the cost rises to $40 through November 8. The at the door rate is $50 on Friday, November 9. The Saturday rate is $35. All prices include lunch on Saturday.

To check out the speakers, exhibitors, the schedule, and to register, visit the Inclusive Ministry Conference website.

The conference offers workshops for ministry leaders, parents, and professionals. The conference planners would love for you to tell church leaders, educators, therapists, medical professionals, your friends, and family about this event.

If you have questions, click the “contact” link on the registration page and someone will get back to you.

A Dad’s Memories of Grace and Laughter at WMFC, 2018

Russ Gibson, who wrote this post, was a great sport when the comedian and ventriloquist picked him to be part of the act.

“I can’t believe you forgot her shoes!”

These were the words I heard when my wife realized I forgot our youngest daughter’s shoes while packing for camp. As 18 month-olds don’t always wear shoes, I simply whisked her away – shoeless – into the van upon our departure from home. Looking back, I can’t believe I forgot them either, and I don’t blame my wife at all for not believing I forget them!

In my defense–okay, at least in order to make myself feel better–let me give you some context. My wife and I were packing for 7 of us. Our children’s ages are 13, 10, 8, 4, and 18 months.

Pillows? Check.
Sleeping bags? Check.
Clothes, shoes, swim gear, snacks, toiletries…check, check, check.

I thought I had everything, especially because I’m a checklist kind of guy. Especially since this year was our second year at Wonderfully Made Family Camp, I thought I was a pro at packing for this event. It turns out I’m actually not perfect at packing.

Even though I’m not a pro, I’m thankful that the staff and volunteers are pros at being the hands and feet of Christ. Our experience this year at camp was as stellar as the prior year, even better, in fact. Everyone involved seem to have covered every detail, from programming to accomodations to food.

Being in community with other families like us who experience life with special needs children is among the largest blessings that we have received. Knowing that you are not alone in the midst of your own “valleys” is a great comfort. Just hanging out with other dads and moms and not feeling awkward about your child’s intricacies is strengthening to me as a parent. This is a community of encouragement and love.  

One of the most enjoyable moments at camp was date night. Us parents got to spend a few hours enjoying appetizers and dinner, as well as socializing with each other. The kids were wonderfully taken care of during that time. For our entertainment, there was a talented comedian who was able to get us laughing hysterically! This was such a great opportunity to let our guard down, and to momentarily forget our everyday tasks. It was a time to live in in the moment and enjoy the present.

Looking back, maybe it wasn’t so bad that I forgot my little one’s shoes. It was a reminder to me that despite my best efforts, I can’t plan for everything, fix it all, or be the best. God’s grace takes care of me despite my shortcomings, and I am reminded to rely on his love and power through it all. WMFC was a tangible experience of this grace, and for that, I am thankful.

~Russ Gibson, devoted husband, father of 5, and good sport