Puns, Cowboy Hats, S’mores, and More

Wonderfully Made Family Camp has been THE highlight of the summer for me the last three years.  As a board member my role varies from training volunteers to heading men’s group to being all around “go-fer” wherever I might be needed. In these various capacities I get to participate in pretty much every aspect of the weekend.

One particular memory was of a rambunctious 4 year old in a wheelchair.  This delightful guy was pure charisma. While a group congregated at the fire pit making s’mores, he wheeled around everyone with great finesse, having a blast, as were those watching him.  Not having any clue of my love for “punny” comebacks in any situation, he steered up to me, looked me straight in the eyes as I stooped down to be at his level. Slowly, ever so methodically and with absolute authority, he stated “I didn’t come here to listen to your lousy jokes!”  This kid obviously has the gift of prophecy.

Shortly thereafter,  a teen volunteer I know well gave this same dynamic youngster his beloved cowboy hat which he had coveted all evening. This act of Christian love brought tears to my eyes as I watched the extreme pleasure it brought to the giver and to the receiver as well as to his parents who watched the entire transaction transpire.  This is one of many reasons I so greatly enjoy participating in WMFC.

~ Kim Combes, WMFC planning board member and expert punster

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