Latvia Short-Term Mission Trip

The value of life for anyone with special needs in other countries outside the US is very low. Ugis Pallo is the pastor at the Latvian church that has this Special Needs Camp. Previously he partnered with another group to run a
camp for ten years. We want to support him and his efforts so he is able to build and sustain this camp ongoing.

Specific objectives for the team:

  • We will be showing the love of Christ in Latvia at a camp for special needs; a camp for students with special needs, moms and their siblings.
  • The team will plan kids programming – stories, games, crafts, and activities that retell the Bible theme and bring some American favorites for the campers and their “Guardian Angels,” buddies.
  • We will provide activities to connect with the moms. If God provides, I would like someone to work with the children.
  • Specific gifts/talents/abilities that you believe would best fulfill your objective?
  • Any or all of the following:
    • Willing to be a buddy for an individual with special needs
    • Passionate about encouraging and loving on moms
    • Trained in medical, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, special education
    • Passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with children and young adults

Support the Latvia 2019 Trip

You can give online at Valley Church’s Global Opportunities page